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Session Name: Containerising an Application and Deploying on Kubernetes

In my talk, I will be discussing about the changes in the infrastructure of software with time. I would be making interactive slides by including real-world examples. I will be proceeding with the certain tags :
-> Firstly, I would be speaking about Kubernetes and its architecture.

-> Secondly, the importance of containerizing an application.

-> Benefits of Deploying an application on Kubernetes like scaling, efficiency, and portability.

-> How Kubernetes is making our life easier.

-> Kubernetes case studies like how companies are getting benefitted and impacting the modern software world.
To make the session more interactive. I would be sharing my real-life experiences working with Kubernetes with a happy ending note.



Speaker Bio:

I am Lavakush Biyani and I'm currently a pre-final year student from India. I am a MERN stack web dev and an active open-source contributor and actively exploring the DevOps field and contributing at layer5. I am Admin Lead of Hackclub Hackerabad, Postman student expert, and Student Ambassador of Kubesimplify Community. I have participated in more than 10 Global hackathons. I am a code Evangelist of Codeday Hyderabad. I love to Connect, collaborate and network with people.