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Laurent Gil

Laurent Gil

DXC Technology

Session Name: CI and CD for documentation

In your software powered company, nothing is more important than developer and operations productivity. Ideally, one should be able make change in production - through the safety of a CI and CD pipeline - on day 1 on the job. This talk shares multiple recipes that we have put in place to get to this "productive on day 1" ideal, including on very restrictive and regulated environments. The PC/MAC itself, the Integrated Developer Environment (IDE), running the service or application locally, as well as everything needed to manage infrastructure. We go through different solutions for 3 typical profiles: a front-end developer, a data scientist and an infrastructure as code developer.



Speaker Bio:

Passionate by technologies and automation, Laurent started his DevOps journey ten years ago in creating his first CI pipelines. A few years later, he spread the DevOps mindset across the DXC company as DevOps Coach. Seeing the need to mutualize the CI/CD tools chain across the company, he engaged in the SRE path, conducting him to create an infrastructure hosting more than 20,000 company jobs. Make aware of the automated deployment issues, this AWS Solution Architect created his first Kubernetes stack to host the company CI/CD tools since, he advocates Kubernetes and step by step he is becoming a Kubernetes evangelist.