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Session Name: Accelerate pipeline library creation with Dagger

More and more companies are adopting DevOps as a way to quickly improve their value. During this journey, they are standardizing their delivery process, creating automation to build, test and release. Now, it is time to mutualize this pipeline effort and push it to the next level. Indeed pipelines have always been a matter of code but now it is obvious that there is a need to create pipeline libraries. They are few tools on the market which allow a pipeline developer to act as any other developer, which means being able to develop and test on its laptop. Dagger solves this issue, let's see together how it works.



Speaker Bio:

Passionate about technology and automation, I started my DevOps journey 10 Years ago by creating the first ugly CI pipeline. I have been a part of the DXC Technology DevOps Enablement team for 5 years. It offers me the opportunity to coach amazing teams and administrate the CI/CD company infrastructure.

Nowadays, I raise a new transformation challenge at ManoMano where I assume a transversal role of DevOps experts. The company is at the beginning of its transformation, but as a hyper-scale company, we can already notice some failures and some successes.

Let's share it ...