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Lance Knight

Lance Knight


Session Name: The Peas and Carrots of DevSecOps and Value Stream Management

Do you remember what Forrest said about his relationship with Jenny in Forrest Gump? "Jenny and I were like peas and carrots!" This is what DevSecOps and Value Streams have in common — a deep rooted connection to the lean approach. With organizations not knowing how to take DevSecOps to the next level, Value Stream Management is there to help, with the focus on optimization of value flow. As software grows in complexity, experiencing vulnerabilities is almost inevitable. How do you avoid experiencing the same vulnerabilities from appearing over and over again? The most effective pathway to secure software code has always been to eliminate vulnerabilities. DevSecOps teams need rich, real-time visibility into code vulnerabilities, early, so they can act on that information and update code as it moves through the pipeline. To do that, they need actionable insight—not a motley assortment of data that’s open to interpretation. And value stream management does just that, making DevSecOps and VSM work like magic — amplification of feedback loops, insights from software code reporting and analytics, and the elimination of siloed software development.



Speaker Bio:

Lance Knight is President & COO of ConnectALL, a software value stream management company, noted for its ability to accelerate software development and increase productivity. His responsibilities include sales, sales operations, customer success, and technical support. Previously, he held SVP/VP roles at LeadingAgile, Tasktop Technologies, and Accept Software, specializing in field operations, sales development, and customer success. Lance started his IT career with a large aerospace manufacturer where he learned about lean manufacturing and systems thinking. He’s a published author of books and white papers on leadership, software development, and software sales.