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Lance Knight

Lance Knight


Session Name: Learn to See, Measure and Automate with Value Stream Management

Value streams exist whether you are aware of them or not! Managing value streams is difficult if you can’t see them, can’t comprehend them, or aren’t aware of them. And the fact is, you can’t measure a turbulent flow in a value stream. In this talk, Lance Knight will focus on how Value Stream Optimization helps companies see, measure, and automate the flow of work in their software delivery value streams. Value stream mapping, making work visible, tool integration, workflow orchestration, enforcing governance, not to mention a value stream manager who understands value streams, thinks about them, and focuses on improvements and the future state — all to help achieve business outcomes!

Speaker Bio:

Lance Knight is Chief Operating Officer of ConnectALL. His responsibilities include sales, sales operations, marketing, customer success, and technical support. Previously, he held SVP/VP roles at LeadingAgile, Tasktop Technologies, and Accept Software, specializing in field operations, sales development, and customer success. Lance started his IT career with a large aerospace manufacturer where he learned about lean manufacturing and systems thinking. He’s a published author of books and white papers on leadership, software development, and software sales.