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Keturah Jenkins

Keturah Jenkins


Session Name: Change vs. Transformation: Leveraging People and Process to Shift the Game

In the journey of DevOps, what has become crystal clear is the need for recognition of the truly symbiotic relationship between the new tools, and the people doing the work on these new tools. Without this focus, your organization can find yourself with lots of cool technology, and still many (if not more) of the problems that you had before. In this session we will walk you through Humana’s journey, the “gotchas” we ran into, and people-centric approach to fixing them.

Speaker Bio:

Keturah Jenkins is the IT Director of Enterprise Transformation at Humana where her team equips the organization to work differently with more contemporary tools and processes to meet business needs. Prior to her role at Humana, she spent 17 years in various roles ranging from Information Technology to Quality to Leadership Development across a variety of industries and geographic locations. In addition, Keturah is speaker and certified Executive Coach who has facilitated workshops for private companies as well as industry conferences on four continents. Personally she spends lots of time with her family, exploring other cultures, and is an active volunteer in her community through her church.