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Kate Healy

Kate Healy

Kate Healy

Telstra Enterprise

Session: The Future of Software Security and Conversations You'll Need to Have

Security organisational structures are changing how DevOps is part of a business's cultural transformation. How a manager talks with stakeholders is a critical piece to making the journey to a DevOps culture.  Put the much talked about skills shortage into the mix, and you'll need to find a way for an enterprise DevOps initiative to be understood by multiple teams within the company.


About Kate Healy

Kate is the Principal Cybersecurity Strategist at Telstra Enterprise where she works with the CISOs of Australia's largest organisations, understanding their cyber strategy and advising on industry trends and innovations. With almost two decades global experience, including 5 years in Singapore, her skills in cybersecurity, infrastructure and risk management have helped organisations better understand and reduce their cyber risk.


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