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Kate Agnew

Kate Agnew


Session Name: Open Source as a Service to Modernize Healthcare

For healthcare to evolve to a digital industry, the technology behind healthcare needs to change. At Optum, we are migrating to Open Source software to better scale and meet the needs of our customers. The change isn’t only about technology; we also need to evolve the engineering culture to do so. Learn about offering Platforms as a Service in a Fortune 10 company from a DevOps team.

Speaker Bio:

Kate Agnew is Senior Manager of Platform Engineering at Optum, where she began in 2017 as the second employee on a team tasked with modernizing and introducing scalable technologies to healthcare. Now managing a team of 14 software engineers, she has created multi-million-dollar impacts and is always looking for ways to take on more. Prior to Optum, Kate had various roles including employee number 7 at an Artificial Intelligence startup and Campaign Manager in a City Council race. She obtained her BA from Macalester College and MBA from MIT. Outside of work, she previously served as the Managing Director of the non-profit Girls in Tech Minneapolis and hosts the podcast Drinks with Her.