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Kaslin Fields


Kaslin Fields


Session: Geek's Guide to DevOps Cultural Transformations

Together, we will explore neuroscience to help reveal techniques to improve your own collaboration skills. By combining this research with examples of real-life use cases/situations (in comic form!), you'll walk away with a concrete understanding of how you can further your career while helping your company nail this "DevOps" thing! Adopting a DevOps culture means bringing the technical groups within your organization closer together. Developers learning from Operations folks, and vice versa. This means that the people that make up those technical teams will need to grow more comfortable interacting and sharing knowledge with each other. So how does your average tech worker learn to thrive in this new collaboration-heavy environment? What individual skills can help workers lead the transition to a successful and thriving DevOps culture? Well, in true geek form, we'll find the answers through science! 

About Kaslin

Kaslin Fields is a Cloud Advocate at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a Container enthusiast and Tech Comic-Blogger. By day, she uses her knowledge of containers and other cloud native technologies to help Oracle Cloud’s customers in their cloud native journeys by creating articles, tutorials, and other materials - as well as by helping customers directly. By night, she explains those concepts her own way by creating comics that explain tech concepts through fun analogies and storytelling suitable for all ages.