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Kashyap Mukkamala

Kashyap M

Kashyap Mukkamala


Kashyap has been a JavaScript enthusiast since 2011 and has been professionally building applications for various fortune 500 companies serving multiple business domains. 

His interests are not limited to just the programming language but also spread over the tooling and services that support the growth of the ecosystem.

Session: Jenkins X for UI developers

Jenkins X is the true cloud native framework that we have been waiting for. To get started, we no longer need the long list of dependencies and prerequisites anymore. We will use some of the awesome tools that are at our disposal to create and manage our clusters as needed.

We will start with creating a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, following that we will create a UI application which we promote to various environments such as dev, QA and Prod with a simple pull request. This session will show us how we can truly leverage infrastructure as code which is compatible with the industry standards from the get go.

We will also discuss how easy it is to manage not only front end applications but also back end applications and overall infrastructure such as messaging queues, environment backups and network settings