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Karthikeyan Govindaraj

Karthikeyan Govindaraj


Session Name: GoLang App build version in Containers & HealthChecks in gRPC Containers for Kubernetes

In this session, we will solve two different problems with GoLang and Containers: (1) How to inject this version dynamically into the container image
and (2) With gRPC and k8s supports only HTTP and exec formats, how to do health check in gRPC containers. 



Speaker Bio:

Karthikeyan Govindaraj is a Vice President at BlackRock, where he works on building tools to make apps easier to run on Kubernetes. He contributes to the Kubernetes community as a community member. Karthik is passionate about cloud and cloud-native infrastructure, developer tools & experience, open-source. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science.