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Session Name: Scale Kubernetes Clusters via GitOps

"Kubernetes became the standard for deploying containerized applications/services. Creating one cluster in the early stage either manually or using IaaC methodologies is a great start. But soon you will need multiple clusters. And creating and maintaining that manually is a tedious process.

Kubernetes' own Cluster Lifecycle SIG has started the Cluster API project that uses Kubernetes-style APIs and patterns to automate cluster lifecycle management for platform operators. The supporting infrastructure, like virtual machines, networks, load balancers, and VPCs, as well as the Kubernetes cluster configurations, is all defined in the same way that application developers operate by deploying and managing their workloads. This enables consistent and repeatable cluster deployments across a wide variety of infrastructure environments.

In this session, Karthik will walk through how to use the Cluster API to deploy the clusters using the GitOps model, which is known for its maintainability. Followed by a short demo of CAPI using docker on the local machine."



Speaker Bio:

Karthikeyan Govindaraj is a Vice President at BlackRock, where he works on building tools to make apps easier to run on Kubernetes. He contributes to the Kubernetes community as a community member. Karthik is passionate about cloud and cloud-native infrastructure, developer tools & experience, and open-source. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science.