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Session Name: Public Retrospective of Managing Github Enterprise Servers for a Decade

In this talk, I tell you about real-life experiences of upkeep, maintenance, support, and service for GitHub Enterprise Server. We got our first GitHub Enterprise Server customer almost a decade ago and it has been a ride. During this time we have seen the ups and downs of managing and running these services. The goal of this talk is to tell real-life stories of situations we have ended up in, successes and failures. How did taking Github Actions into action go on the first time? How do you fix a blackbox at 2 am? What happens when your vm snapshot takes 2 days to finish? And a lot more. How do I move a Github Enterprise Server from an On-premise datacenter to Azure and what does it entail?

Speaker Bio:

Kalle works as CTO of Managed Services, making sure Eficode delivers the best possible offering for our service customers. Having worked in the Eficode Managed Services team for many years his experience is wide and deep; he is familiar with maintenance, upgrades, and migrations of services to the cloud as well as the challenges related to adopting new ways of working.