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Juni Mukherjee


Juni Mukherjee


Author | Speaker, Cloudbees

Juni is a thought citizen in the DevSecOps space and has made deep investments in the field of Continuous Delivery. See her gallery for details.

She has helped organizations build continuous delivery pipelines, and would love to solve the problems that plague our industry today. She has authored a couple of books.

She interacts with the DevSecOps community on Quora, and has published articles on DZone and TechBeacon. She speaks regularly at DevOps conferences, and participates as a panelist in Continuous Discussions (C9D9).

Juni has worked for tech companies, where she led software engineering projects that help teams improve Time-2-Market. She has worked across diverse domains like identity, security, media, advertisement, retail, camera, phone, banking, and insurance. She leverages her experience in graduate research and software architecture to design and build modular and scalable platforms that improve velocity and productivity of engineering teams. She designs metrics and dashboards to objectively measure behavior, to drive the organization’s vision, and to help teams focus on solving software delivery problems, starting with the highest RoI.

Session: Continuous Everything With Jenkins X And Why You Should Care 

This talk dives into: the tenets of continuous everything; Jenkins X, an OSS CI/CD solution for modern cloud applications on Kubernetes; all the "stuff" (Jenkins declarative pipeline-as-code, GitHub, Helm, Docker, Kubernetes, Skaffold, etc.) that come automated with Jenkins X; and GitOps!