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Julie Koesmarno

Julie Koesmarno


Session Name: From Oops to Ops: Incident Response with Jupyter Notebooks

What if you can apply software engineering practices to your troubleshooting guides (TSGs) / knowledge base for your team’s on-call or for your customers? What if you can reduce stress and mistakes in your incident response workflow and activate a more scientific approach? Join this session to learn more about TSG Ops framework using Jupyter Notebook for executable and automatable troubleshooting guides / knowledge base. TSG Ops innovates incident response approach by applying software engineering practice in curating TSGs and activating our scientific approach when troubleshooting. We will share our learnings and our journey in implementing TSG Ops using open source technology, internally in Azure Data and externally for our Azure Data customers.



Speaker Bio:

Julie Koesmarno is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, for the SQL Tools and Experiences team. She has worked in Data Management, Data Warehouse and Big Data Analytics solutions both on-premises and cloud over the past decade. She's currently working on Azure Data Studio improvements for modern data professionals. She is a regular speaker for user groups and conferences such as SQL Saturdays, PASS Summit and SQL Bits. She is a co-author of SQL Server 2017 Machine Learning Services with R.