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Juan Peredo

Juan Peredo

Bolbeck LLC

Session Name: Fast-track microservices development with docker-compose and minikube

Containers and container orchestration have forever changed the way we distribute and run modern applications. However, some teams use containers only as a destination, a packaging system to install the application. In reality, using containers with docker-compose allows developers to do so much more. We will explore how to setup an application to take full advantage of docker-compose as an development environment that encapsulates all your dependencies, allows hot rebuilds/reloads, enhances testing, and enables microservices development. Additionally, we will explore how we can use Minikube in conjunction with docker-compose to speed up development while reducing the total cost to develop a microservices application. 



Speaker Bio:

Juan is an independent IT Architect and owner of Bolbeck LLC. He has spent most of his career working at IT consulting firms where he designed, led and implemented technical solutions. His current interests include enabling tech teams to be productive and focused on building amazing applications instead of worrying about non-value add automated tasks. Juan's latest personal projects can be found in Github under the camba1 username and focus on microservices, CI/CD and orchestration with docker/ kubernetes.