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Josh Koenig

Josh Koenig


Session Name: DevOps Is Not a War: Building Alliances Between Marketers and Developers

In every industry, the leaders and disruptors are nearly universally using an agile approach to delivering digital experiences. Ironically, the Open Web is often an afterthought in this story, when it could and should be the key driver of a successful DX strategy.

Websites are an organization’s most valuable digital asset, and there’s a growing movement of marketers and developers coming together to leverage the Open Web as a first-class tool in their strategy. Website Operations (WebOps) applies the proven practices of modern software development and product management to the specific problem-space of the web and digital marketing. It is how teams break out of the endless cycle of waterfall death-march re-launches, and adopt continuous deployment and the build, measure, learn cycle.

Today, businesses live and die by the success of their digital marketing. A DevOps-style approach leads to higher quality user experiences that are more in tune with what the audience wants or expects. That means ditching clunky enterprise tools, embracing a new set of stakeholders, and building a culture focused not on deliverables and hand-offs, but on real-world results.



Speaker Bio:

As Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Josh is focused on making the Open Web a first class platform for delivering results. Championing the value of the developer experience, and the need to demonstrate impact with data, his work combines the ideals of Open Source with the pragmatic utility of the agile approach.

At Pantheon, Josh drove the product vision for a platform that reaches over a billion unique visitors a month, powering tens of thousands of high profile websites built, maintained, and iteratively improved by agile WebOps teams. This vision has been informed by his work with some of the world’s most successful engineering organizations, global brands, and digital agencies.

The web is the cornerstone of modern campaigns, causes, businesses and brands, and the demand for quick, quality digital experiences is high and only getting higher. Josh’s mission is to liberate web teams from the confines of enterprise monoliths and the drudgery of infrastructure operations so they focus on their real strategic goals using the highest-quality tools of the trade.