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Josh Armitage

Josh Armitage


Session Name: Leaner Landing Zones Through SRE & SLOs

Cloud Landing Zones are critical to cloud adoption at enterprises, but how can you ensure that the capabilities you build are fit for purpose, are actively being used and that you're not wasting time gold plating when you should be delivering far more value elsewhere? We'll go through how we transformed from a team that had paper SLAs that existed for simply for checking boxes, to adopting a true SLO based strategy coupled with lean thinking which fundamentally changed everything from operational support, to solution design and product management. Takeaways will be hard lessons learned about the cultural shift to adopting SRE, and an example lightweight architecture that allows you to track your SLOs today.



Speaker Bio:

Known for a booming voice and distinct lack of a sense of humor, Josh works as a consultant after spending time with everything from mainframes to machine learning and kubernetes. Having split his life half in the UK, half in Australia, he's now back in London helping regulated enterprises embrace lean software development, cloud native architectures and team happiness as a true north metric.