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Session Name: Serverless Testing - Local Considered Harmful? 

How can you test most effectively when building serverless applications? How do I run my dependencies? What's the current state of the art, and where are we going as an industry?
The most common issue teams have with serverless development is testing. The approaches that served us so well in the pre-cloud era don't seem to hold up in the new reality. It feels like you're spending more time configuring local environments than writing code, tests are flaky and every day is filled with the same feeling of frustration.
Based on my own experiences building serverless applications for startups in enterprises here in Australia and abroad, and taking testing back to first principles, we'll explore both the patterns and anti-patterns of serverless testing.

I'll answer such questions as:

  • Why localstack sounds great in theory, but fails in reality
  • Whether the vaunted testing pyramid is still valid
  • How to configure your cloud environments to unblock teams and reach development nirvana



Speaker Bio:

Josh is best known for his booming voice, truly awful sense of humour, and immaculately coiffed hair. Professionally he is a distinguished technologist at Contino, and the author of the Cloud Native Security Cookbook with O'Reilly. A seasoned international speaker, he loves to share the lessons he's learned in his career hoping that he can save people the pain and lead to happier, more impactful careers.