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Jonathan Altman

Jonathan Altman


Session Name: You Are Not an Engineer, You Are a Sociologist

In this talk, Jonathan proposes that the major problems that really need to be solved in software engineering culture, and delivery to improve the products we deliver to our customers are actually process and human-scale issues.  We can always do better, and DevOps is a great lens to working towards optimal solutions.  We will focus on areas and opportunities to increase our positive impact by expanding the DevOps mindset to encompass thought and practices from social sciences across a wider area.


Speaker Bio:

Jonathan has spent the last 5 years at Capital One, where he is currently a Senior Distinguished Engineer in the Delivery Experience Group responsible for various parts of how Capital One engineers build and deliver their software safely and effectively to the cloud.  Over the course of his career, he has been lucky to be involved in technology projects that have meaningful impact.  Starting as the database administrator for the Dartmouth Dante Project (https://dante.dartmouth.edu/), and through time in government consulting, enterprise software, starting and buildout out large parts of what is now Concur Travel, and then as an independent contractor and consultant, he has worked on building sustainable software and engineering systems focused on providing positive impact on real-world systems