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John Rauser


John Rauser

Cisco Systems

John Rauser is a Software Engineering Manager at Cisco Cloud Security, where his team is building the next generation of network and security products in the cloud, inventing new ways of delivering security services as distributed systems. John has spent the last 10 years working in a variety of different roles across the spectrum of IT, from sysadmin to IT manager, network engineer to infosec lead, developer to head of development. John is passionate about new ways of working and putting theory into practice, speaking regularly at local and international conferences, and writing for online publications like DevOps.com and Infoworld.

Session: Beyond the Bottleneck: A New Theory of Constraints

The classic Theory of Constraints has been a valuable source of ideas for improving the core operations of product delivery systems, but its application to software products is running out of steam - it contemplates a linear system that is fundamentally different from ours, and misses much of the complexity involved in coordinating knowledge work across a network of people, teams, tools and processes.

We need a new theory of constraints, one that unlocks new approaches for improving flow in our complex environments. In this talk we will look at the origins of software development to understand what makes our context unique, and explore a new model for understanding where constraints emerge in a software delivery system.