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John McDonough

John McDonough

Cisco Systems

Session Name: Extending Ansible the write way! How to write an Ansible Module.

Ansible is a configuration management system that can be used to manage data center devices and controllers, from servers and switches to Cisco Intersight and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. There are thousands of Ansible modules that may provide all the functionality you need. However, in the event that the module with the functionality you need is not available you can create your own.

In this session, you will learn how to create an Ansible module that follows the guidelines set by the Ansible community. This session includes the building of a module from the ground up. You will learn how to set up your Ansible development environment, gain an understanding of module idempotence and how to appropriately employ the basic constructs of an Ansible module. Using the concepts learned in this session you may even want to contribute your module to Ansible for inclusion in a future release.

Speaker Bio:

Stève is leading a global team of technical advocates, covering applications development use cases for IoT, Collaboration, Cloud and DevOps . Keen on API Architecture and Design, Stève is driving the “API Style Guide” initiative, aiming to provide a consistent Developer Experience among Cisco. Based in France, Stève is leading the DevNet brand growth among Europe.