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John Jeremiah

John J

John Jeremiah


Enterprise DevOps Evangelist & Product Marketing Leader, Gitlab

John Jeremiah, an enterprise DevOps evangelist and product marketing leader at GitLab is a multifaceted IT software leader with over 20 years of IT leadership and software experience.

Prior to GitLab, he led the HPE Software Digital Research team spearheading industry research where he helped develop and shape DevOps positioning and go to market strategy.  Promoting DevOps both internally and externally, he founded the HPE internal ‘DevOps Sharing’ virtual conference and helped co-found and launch TechBeacon.com.

He has held a variety of leadership roles with the U.S. Navy, IT consulting and Fortune 500 IT organizations. Jeremiah’s experience spans from application developer, project and program manager, and IT Director where he has led the adoption of an Agile and CMMI Maturity Level 3 process framework.   

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, a MS in Information Technology from The George Washington University School of Business.