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Jesse Butler


Jesse Butler

Oracle Cloud

Jesse is an advocate with Oracle Cloud Native Labs. He started his career in software nearly 20 years ago, working up the stack from driver development into userspace and container development. He's been working with containers for several years, first in Solaris and later in Linux. Most recently, he's taken a role with OCI as a Cloud Native Advocate focused on Kubernetes, containers, serverless and other cloud native technologies.

Session: Microservices Fight Club - Testing With Istio

Service mesh is an established infrastructure layer that can solve many problems for us when deploying microservices at scale. With a data plane situated alongside our services, we have intelligent and easy-to-deploy solutions related to observability, discovery, routing, and security. Istio is a popular service mesh, and it has some specific features which help enhance the stability and resilience of our deployed services.

By virtue of how a service mesh works, we’re able to intercept and modify traffic on the wire between our services, which is a very powerful testing abstract. In this session, we’ll discuss and demonstrate how to use a handful of Istio features to test our services with fault injection and benchmarks, test the connections between our services by injecting server errors and delays, and use traffic mirroring to create a dark launch and test our services with production traffic before we deploy, all without any changes to our code.