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Jeremy F. Thomas

Jeremy F. Thomas

U.S. Marines

Session Name: Hero's Journey for Re-Skilling Talent (and other Digital Adventures)

What do Star Wars, The Matrix, and The Lord of the Rings have to do with re-skilling your workforce? Taking a look at the archetypes and patterns from the hero’s journey, we’ll share some anecdotes on how this applies to our current digital transformation efforts in the federal workforce. We’ll also discuss that when we answer the call to adventure, we often find the answers were not out in the unknown, but within each of us before we started the journey.

Speaker Bio:

Jeremy F. Thomas is a native son of Florida and grew up in Daytona Beach. He is a 13-year veteran of the U. S. Marines and commissioned out of the U. S. Naval Academy. He's applied his passion for information and data overseas and, most recently, as a technology consultant for the Marine Corps Chief Information Office. These days, you’ll most likely find him in the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum’s Slack workspace or hiking outdoors with his family in the Appalachians.