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Jeremy Castle


Jeremy Castle

State Farm

Session: Session: Damming the 97 year old Waterfall: Transforming the Enterprise to DevOps at State Farm ®

As the #1 insurer of cars and homes in the United States, State Farm® has embarked on a journey to fundamentally change the way teams deliver software. State Farm is reshaping the way teams work and interact from the adoption of DevOps practices and behaviors, to the realignment into empowered product teams. With over 7000 IT professionals, a transformation of this magnitude requires extraordinary effort to lay the foundation for change through the availability of proper tooling, the disbanding of unwarranted processes, and the commitment to education through a DOJO experience. 

This session provides attendees an in-depth look at the State Farm journey to revamp their approach to software delivery using Value Stream Mapping, DOJOs, and a lot of enthusiasm to encourage and accelerate adoption of DevOps by product teams. We will share how we used an organic, bottom-up approach to start changing the delivery culture at a traditional, top-down enterprise by breaking a few rules, but maintaining a focus on the customer.

About Jeremy Castle

Jeremy is an Engineering Director at State Farm. He started his career as a software developer and most recently took on the role Engineering Director over State Farm's App Dev Practices. He has seen many sides of the development world, being a developer himself. He has helped teams adopt continuous delivery and agile methodologies and is now leading the teams that are responsible for enabling the developer tooling and practices to make DevOps successful at State Farm. He is also an advocate for building a fun and transparent culture by using his ninja skills to sneak a ping pong table past security.


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