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Jeff Knurek


Jeff Knurek

travel audience

Jeff Knurek is a Continuous Delivery Engineer at travel audience GmbH in Berlin, Germany. He spends his time piecing together all the moving parts in a kubernetes, data-driven, travel advertising platform (or trying to fit those adjectives in one sentence). After 5 years working as a web developer in 6 different countries, Jeff saw his passion in code quality and transitioned into QA. This mix grew into the perfect background for the DevOps culture, and has made Kubernetes the natural playground for his ideas.

Session: Bring back the power of the IDE (debugging apps running in Kubernetes)

It's become a common practice in the microservice world to rely on log statements to identify if a piece of code is behaving as intended. But tools are coming out to make it easier to add breakpoints and debug running code in a Kubernetes Pod.

This talk will cover some of the tools that make it easy to update the code that's running in a Pod (Draft/Skaffold/Ksync). And we'll also cover how to connect your IDE to the code and set breakpoints (with examples using both IntelliJ & VS Code).