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Jason O'Connell

Jason O'Connell

Macquarie Bank

Session Name: Using Kubernetes to Manage your Entire Cloud

What if we provisioned, automated and managed our cloud in a different way? Where we did everything via Kubernetes Operators and GitOps. Creating new infrastructure, managing IAM, scaling...everything done via Git, syncing to Kubernetes and operators taking care of the rest. Join this session to hear how Macquarie Bank manages the whole of Google Cloud from Kubernetes. How we implement policy and controls with Git and OPA Policy. How we improved developer experience by moving deployments back into git with our "GitOps Bot", and how we built our own Kubernetes Operators in Golang to perform our automation.



Speaker Bio:

Jason O’Connell is the Chief Technology Officer of Macquarie Banking & Financial Services. He helps define technology strategy and vision, and driving forward new and innovative ways of using cloud-based technologies.