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Jason Gwartz


Jason Gwartz


Before ending up as a software developer at Ecosia, Jason cut his teeth as a tour guide, ambulance driver, and Apple Store Genius while studying and playing jazz saxophone. Originally from Canada, Jason has lived in London, Amsterdam, and now Berlin, and can usually be found cooking, riding trains across Europe, or listening to some Dexter Gordon.


Session:A Developer Team that Plants Trees

Ecosia.org is the search engine that uses its ad revenue to plant trees. Search engine users have high expectations for features, reliability, and performance, which is challenging for an engineering team that needs to stay lean (Ecosia’s millions of users are currently supported by a team of around ten developers). As a result, our team, tools, and systems need to support accelerating our developers to deliver quickly and reliably. This talk will introduce how Ecosia employs engineering tools like a Kubernetes-based platform, a monorepo with shared code, and a robust monitoring system, as well devops cultural tools like service ownership, error budgets, and a shared on-call rotation to deliver to our users faster and with greater reliability.