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Session Name: Platform Engineering – To Embrace or Erase?

Platform engineering is a practice that is taking center stage as more organizations build internal platforms for their developers to accelerate software delivery. These platforms are being built and tailored to match the needs and workflows of each organization to make it easier for developers to design, build and ship apps. But what does it mean to embrace platform engineering? And what are the downfalls to building a platform and getting it wrong? In this talk, James Watters will discuss:

• What platform engineering is and why organizations should care

• The impact platforms have had on the software development cycle

• Why it is critical to have the right infrastructure in place for your developer platform—and what this platform should enable

• Where companies get developer platforms right today—and where they go wrong



Speaker Bio:

James Watters is the CTO of the Modern Application Platforms at VMware. Prior to VMware, James was the SVP of Strategy at Pivotal. James worked closely with Pivotal’s enterprise customers to shape the product and go-to-market strategy for Pivotal Cloud Foundry and its internally and externally built ecosystem. James has been responsible for the Cloud Foundry platform strategy since the technology’s early incubation at VMware. From the beginning of Pivotal’s founding, James held leadership responsibilities for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Spring, and RabbitMQ products, field engineering, overlay sales, marketing, partner development, and engineering.