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Jamal Walsh

Jamal Walsh

Jamal Walsh

The Very Group

Passionate DevOps Practitioner, with a focus on the human side of DevOps.

Session: Influencing a DevOps Culture across Distributed Teams and Organisations

Cultural Transformation is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges when implementing DevOps practices in any organisation.

There are many opinions in the DevOps community that suggest DevOps and Outsourcing is bad, and that trying to implement a DevOps culture and practices within your organisation and multiple external service providers is not something you should attempt to do. Unfortunately, many enterprise organisations are tied into long term managed service provider contracts, and sometimes their only option is to try and make DevOps work...

In this session, I'll present the challenges, failures and successes faced when attempting to implement a DevOps culture and practices across an Enterprise organisation, outsourced Off-Shore Development Teams and External Managed Service Partners. 

The session will highlight the reasons why DevOps and Outsourcing are so conflicting and highlight some of the things vendors in the MSP market are doing to reduce conflict and friction for their clients trying to implement DevOps.