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Jakob Ehn

Jakob Ehn

Jakob Ehn

Active Solution

Jakob has over 15 years of experience with professional software development in the Microsoft space, and currently works as a senior developer at Active Solution, specializing in DevOps and Cloud architecture.

Jakob is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP Reconnect and also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger. He speaks regularly at conferences and user groups, such as DevSum, Tech Days, TechX and SweNug. He has published three books about Visual Studio DevOps tools, “Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio ALM 2015”, ”Pro Team Foundation Service” and “Team Foundation Server 2012 Starter”. At his spare time Jakob loves to hang out with his family and to cook, you can often find him hoovering in the kitchen trying out some new recipes.

Jakob blogs at https://blog.ehn.nu and tweets at https://twitter.com/jakobehn

Session: Running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is betting big on Kubernetes and is quickly ramping up their hosted solution Azure Kubernetes Service. Learn how to quickly get started with Kubernetes on Azure, and how to create a deployment pipeline using VSTS for safe and frequent deployments.