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Jaime Woo

Jaime Woo

Incident Labs

Session Name: The Unmonitored Failure Domain: Mental Health

Incidents and toil work have always taken a toll on people. But, now in the era of covid-19, organizations have had to confront issues around mental health directly. Unfortunately, our current conversations remain centered around the individual model: Operators are responsible for watching their own stress levels, well-being, and avoiding burnout.However, for organizations interested in resilient teams, only considering the individual model though would be missing out on a massive part of the puzzle: research has demonstrated that we must instead address mental health on a team, organizational, and systemic level. In this talk, I break down the science behind stress, and the contributing factors to burnout. Attendees will leave with a new perspective of how they can use strategies at both the structural and individual levels to support their teams, and how to monitor to become healthier, and more sustainable. Just as there are patterns for ensuring our systems remain resilient in the face of pressure, we can arm our teams with techniques as well.

Speaker Bio:

Jaime began his career as a molecular biologist before following his passion for communications, working at DigitalOcean, Riot Games, and Shopify, where he launched the engineering communications function. He is an award-nominated writer, and cofounder of Incident Labs, which helps provide teams the right data to improve incident response. He has spent three years learning about mental health and mindfulness. He is also an avid lover of dumplings.