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Jacob Plicque

Jacob Plicque


Session Name: What Dungeons and Dragons has taught me about Chaos and Resilency

Chaos Engineering is thoughtful, planned experiments designed to reveal the weakness in our systems. GameDays are dedicated time to run Chaos experiments. Dungeons and Dragons is a Fantasy Tabletop Roleplaying Game set in an imaginary world based loosely on medieval myth. Jacob will use DnD to help you gamify Chaos Experiments to help build a Chaos Engineering Practice at your Company starting in your SRE Org.

Speaker Bio: 

Jacob is a Sr. Solutions Architect at Gremlin where he works on Chaos Engineering, the facilitation of controlled experiments to identify systemic weaknesses. Jacob has worked on Chaos Engineering across a variety of industries including finance, e-commerce, airlines, retail, and insurance. Jacob is also the co-host of the Break Things on Purpose podcast, a series dedicated to sharing Chaos Engineering experiences. Jacob previously worked at Fanatics as a Senior SRE where he was responsible for providing a reliable e-commerce experience to process over 1100 orders a minute. He has in-depth experience providing a reliable service on peak days such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.