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Hope Lynch

Hope Lynch


Session Name: A Team Retrospective on Value Stream Management

In this session, we will walk through a type of retrospective about a team and an organization I worked with a few years ago. This team’s work had an outsize impact on the larger organization due to issues with value streams. Now, value streams can seem like a huge topic but they can be very straightforward. In this session, I hope to reframe the concept of a value stream in a more approachable way and provide some insight on how you may be able to take action to improve yours if you find yourself in similar circumstances.



Speaker Bio:

One of Hope's favorite areas of focus is Transformation, whether it is Agile, Business, or Digital. Each of these overlaps on the Venn diagram of Transformation and each touches all aspects of businesses today. At CloudBees, Hope works as a Technology Strategy Director in Product Marketing, growing the Market and Competitive Intelligence practice, finding modern ways to represent Business Value, and using data to bring market and competitive insights.