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Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel

Aventiv Technologies

Evolving DevOps in the Age of Kubernetes!

Code is neither built nor ran today the way it used to be a few years ago! What really has changed and how did that impact the space of Continuous Integration and Delivery?

Although the purpose “boost Code Quality, Integrity and accelerate the Delivery of Code Changes to customers” has remained unchanged, how that is accomplished today has certainly changed!

Let’s look into a Traditional CI/CD Model that did the job once! And then jump back into the age of Kubernetes and Containers to see what are the new challenges and expectations from CI/CD & DevOps Practices.

Further, Let’s look at how the authorities of Development, Operations and Security worked in their own silos once! And then jump back into the edge of Kubernetes where these silos were challenged and the authorities are forced to come together as emerging DevSecOps Paradigm!

Please join me to explore the journey of evolution of DevOps and DevSecOps in our industry in last few years!

Speaker Bio:

Himanshu Patel is a Digital Transformation Leader, Evangelist, Speaker and Passionate Technologist with a solid breadth and depth, a firm believer of simplistic & sustainable design, and an enabler of DevOps Practices.

As Head of Middleware Technologies at Aventiv in Dallas, TX, he is continuously innovating and evolving better ways of building and delivering software of varied scale, and establishing standards for DevOps Practices including CI/CD Pipelines, IaaS, Release and Deployment Automation, Configuration Management, Container/Orchestration Strategies and also, built from scratch Enterprise Grade Microservices Platform, Kafka Distributed Messaging Broker Platform, Enterprise Streaming Platform and DevOps Practices with Docker, CRI-O, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Vagrant and Salt.