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Helen Beal

Helen Beal

Helen Beal


DevOpsologis, Ranger4

Helen has 20 years’ experience working in the technology industry with a focus on the software development and delivery lifecycle for a wealth of global cross industry clients. Helen is a DevOps coach, trainer and games facilitator and is the creator of the Ranger4 DevOps LiftOff Workshop and the Ranger4 DevOps Maturity Assessment - winner of the IBM Beacon Award 2015 for Outstanding DevOps Solution.

Helen is on the Board of Regents and product owner at the DevOps Institute and a DevOps editor at InfoQ. Show was named in TechBeacon’s 20 Influential Women in DevOps and PowerAdmin’s 51 DevOps Influencers to Start Following Today.

Ms Beal is a novelist and ecologist. She once saw a flamingo lay an egg.

Session: What Safety Culture Means for the Software Supply Chain

Helen will be exploring how safety culture frames how we deal with hazards in the software supply chain; security vulnerabilities, compliance and risk needs and regulatory concerns. She'll show how successful organisations embed safety and resilience into their thinking and learning.