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Greg Leffler

Greg Leffler


Session Name: RED Monitoring and Observability in the Age of Microservices

Are your users happy? How do you know? RED (Rates, Errors, Duration) is a spinoff from Google’s Golden Signals designed for monitoring microservices. However, RED use has taken off, clearly demonstrating that these metrics apply to any services-based architecture. With RED your architecture is watched across multiple dimensions. You receive alerts and indications not just from anomalies, but also can extend to a proxy for user happiness. By seeing multiple dimensions of concern, be they failures in service or activity close to the edge of capability, these combined monitors and deep-dive, focused access get you to your root cause faster, with fewer false positives and quicker resolution.



Speaker Bio:

Greg has been breathing Observability for his entire career, starting in a NOC role with eBay Advertising, before jumping to SRE at LinkedIn. While at LinkedIn, Greg was responsible for operating and scaling some of the busiest services and also took on scaling the people side of the equation by architecting their SRE hiring process and working as a Senior Manager. Now at Splunk, Greg is responsible for telling the world about Observability and the world-class Splunk Observability Cloud.