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Session Name: Is Technical Debt the Right Metaphor for Continuous Update?

The environmental pressure on software has dramatically changed in a few years, both in quality and quantity. Security is the main force but other dynamics can be seen, including the adoption of agile, shortest product cycles, and more. As a consequence the software is no more written once and run many times: it must be updated continuously. If we, as an industry, continue to use the classic category of Technical Debt, IT will be crushed by the forces at hand, pulling the business side along. I propose to introduce a new term for this phenomenon: Technical Inflation. It is not simply to mark the difference but to help discuss and explain to other stakeholders what is happening on the technical side and the effect on the entire business. The new perspective impacts how we plan and budget, how we manage changes and automation, and the need to excel in engineering to save the bottom line.

Speaker Bio:

DevOps is multi-disciplinary, right? So here I am. From writing code to monitoring systems; from designing application solutions to discussing company strategies. I work in Unum, a Fortune 500 company, trying to solve a new problem each day. Speaker at international conferences, he was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Azure DevOps category in the last few years.