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Gert Jan van Halem


Gert Jan van Halem


I am a long time Lean and Agile enthusiast. I love to help teams and organizations to add more value to their customers. With my masters degree in Computer Science and my experience as a manager, I am able to combine the hands-on implementation of automation and making sure this is embedded in the organization. 

Session: Compliance as Code

As a developer, compliance is not the sexiest topic. But in a lot of regulated businesses, it is a must-have. So can we make it sexier? Yes, we can. Compliance as code. You probably already have your pipeline described as code. using https://github.com/in-toto/in-toto you can add the compliance checks to that. And verify and report automatically if your products are in line with the compliance requirements of your organizations. No more long documented, manual walkthroughs