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German Rodriguez

German Rodriguez


Session Name: The One (Pipeline)

Will go through three evolutions of an enterprise jenkins pipeline: distributed, completely closed, and the current centralized pipeline; including their main features, how teams reacted to those, the levels of acceptance, and the decisions that drove the evolution. Focusing in the centralized pipeline, we will share the major abstractions, how it is maintained and instantiated by teams, and how different applications using diverse technologies from Java to AngularJS to Golang can be built and deployed across multiple platforms and environments using a single pipeline. We will share the challenges faced, pros and cons, value added, and some of the metrics that can be obtained and how those contribute to the process. We will also share how the pipeline can be migrated to other CI platforms (i.e., Gitlab-CI) while keeping the same abstractions./p>

Speaker Bio:

Sr Manager on the Platform Engineering Team at H-E-B, 13 years of experience on CI/CD and Infrastructure/Cloud Architecture. Director of Operational Systems at Mexicana Airlines. Author of the Money Market System for the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores).