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Garima Bajpai

Garima Bajpai

Capitol Carbon Consulting

Session Name: Lean in DevOps – An Exponential View for Software Factories

Beginning from where we left this topic last time with – Software factories of 2020 & DevOps, the next wave of DevOps practices will further enhance the flow, feedback and experimentation and the key is to maintain the cadence between mass production, re-useable software inventory keeping customer value at the focal point

There is no one way to approach the cadence, it depends on the maturity level which will be the key enabler for DevOps adoption cycle & enhancing practices for enabling throughput & efficiency in software factories. From experience having supported companies navigate the purpose and outcome of DevOps adoption
There are primary two types of adopter, one focused solving operation centric slowness & waste and other type is focused on development centric improvements. The sweet spot for leaning in DevOps might lie when boundaries are porus enough to build full collaboration. We will take a look into these states and try to integrate lean principles from manufacturing, the eight types of obstacles and learning from past. It is needless to say that it is advisable to start with value stream map to precisely identify and enhance the DevOps adoption outcome

Speaker Bio:

DevOps Ambassador with DevOps Institute
Co-Founder Devops Meetup community of practice -Canada
Co-Organizer DevOps Summit -Canada
WCT-FCT Mentor -Women in Leadership -ICT ( Canada Chapter)
Nominee Women in IT of the year - Young Leader ( WIT Award)