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Forest Jing

Forest Jing

DevOps Times Community

Session Name: The 3rd Generation Software Engineering Model based on DevOps and Case Study in China

DevOps is a movement. Revolution of Software Engineering is occurring in this movement.We think DevOps is just like the 3rd generation software engineering. In China, In order to practice DevOps more efficiently, some large technology, finance and telecom companies have developed a capability model to practice DevOps. Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, ICBC, Bank of China, China Mobile etc have worked together for more than 3 years to make this happen. It includes agile development management, continuous delivery, technology operation, application architecture , devsecops, tools, organization structure. It has helped lots of companies to practice DevOps. ICBC has used this model to increase the deployment frequency from 1 time per month to 3~4 times per month. This topic will introduce the DevOps model and case in China to help the audience to find a new way to practice DevOps.

Speaker Bio:

Forest Jing is a DevOps practitioner in China who is the co-founder of DevOps Times Community. He was a speaker of DevOpsDays Taipei. He is a Jenkins Ambassador and DevOps Institute Ambassador. He and his team has won Most Valuable Advocate of Jenkins community.