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Fernando Cornago

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Fernando Cornago


Fernando co-leads the Platform Engineering practice at adidas, where we design, build and run software-based and self-service platforms and technologies to speed up the value creation of the DevOps product teams, in collaboration and co-creation with them. 

Fernando is a passionate team builder, agile and lean practitioner, amateur software architect and a rusty coder. Holding Masters Degree in Computer Science and Teaching, extended with Executive Development in M.I.T. and Harvard Business School.

He’s a connector and community builder. As only through innovation, not only in software but also in teams enablement and new ways of management, we won’t be disrupted.  Obsessed with measurement, feedback cycles and Continuous Improvement, he has devoted his entire life leading software teams, in Companies such as GFT or HP.  He joined Adidas in 2015, first leading Global Software Development and later Platform Engineering.  Playing a key role into designing and heading up the creation and setup of the successful Software Engineering IT Hub adidas has created in Zaragoza, Spain.

Session: #adidoescode Where DevOps Meets The Sporting Goods Industry

In a never faster Sporting Goods Industry DevOps is key for adidas success.  The team will explain what’s the role of Technology in the game and how they adapted the transformation with Sports and Competition DNA always in mind. The perfect example is the DevOps Cup they ran this year where 220 people of 23 teams competed to have the best transformation.  We will hear some teams talking about their progress and the impact to their business.

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