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Fergal Dearle

Fergal Dearle

Fergal Dearle

Independent DevOps Specialist

Fergal has over 32 years of experience in the software industry. From working on C++ compilers in the '80s to systems monitoring through management products in the '90s onto Cloud infrastructure in the '10s.

He is the author of Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages. If you want to develop the next Jenkins or Gradle DSL then this is the cheat sheet for you.

Session: Building Modular Infrastructure in Code

We've all done it. Grab a snippet of Terraform or Cloudformation massaged it to do what we want and deployed it. Over time if we build our infrastructure like this it becomes unmanageable.

Declarative IaC tools don't lend themselves easily to creating modular stacks particularly if we mix and match our tooling. TerraForm with a splash of Cloudformation and Helm charts.

This talk will be a view from the trenches of mixing and matching the various tools we use every day with some learned wisdom of how to structure our IoC so that we can build beautiful modular Stacks that interoperate.