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Farye Nwede

Farye Nwede


Session Name: Bring Release Engineering Back From the Stone Age

As our companies grow and evolve, the need for checks and balances in our processes becomes more important. We want to maintain velocity while not sacrificing quality. Creativity must not be stifled but you also need to enforce compliance. How can organizations evolve and not view the necessary constraints.

Listen to my journey at my company, Veritone, how we came from a release process with flaws to a new optimized process. We’re continuing to look at our process and continue to improve and innovate to further remove the shortcomings, ensuring that our customers get the best from us.

It’s an exciting story of innovation, creativity and evolution. The work is continuing to today with a focus on continual improvement with respect to code quality and corporate visibility of build deployments, test results and time of deployment to customers. The foundational lessons learned can help any organization as they navigate the market. The need to pivot and adjust will arise, it’s how we respond as innovators that is key.

Speaker Bio:

Born in Los Angeles, Farye is an engineer who enjoys the process of growth. He has worked in companies such as Johnson Controls and Cogility Software. Stumbling in DevOps about 7 years ago, Farye has since come to embrace DevOps and become an evangelist for DevOps in the companies that he has worked in.