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Fabian Iannarella


Fabian Iannarella

460 Degrees

Fabian truly believes that technology is an awesome enabler but it’s the combination of people, collaboration and customer focus that delivers the best results, and that is what DevOps is all about.

A well-known and respected member of the Australian DevOps community, he is an excellent team motivator and enjoys building high-performing teams and fostering DevOps culture. He has led and built teams that have transformed operations and delivery cultures across the financial and university sectors.

Fabian recently led one of Australia’s largest superannuation company’s infrastructure transformation program. This enabled the company to rapidly deliver and scale their superannuation platform to 220+ micro services across multiple environments.

“This achievement was not mine alone, but a product of the collaboration between my team, Ops and Delivery (Dev)”

When he is not immersed in DevOps Fabian loves tinkering with all things electronic, including the restoration of arcade and pinball machines. He also has a keen interest in music, paired with a large vinyl collection upwards of 5000 records.

Session: DevOps is a Journey: Choose Your Own Adventure

Interested in DevOps but not sure how to get started? Join Fabian to explore the real meaning behind DevOps and how to begin your own DevOps Journey. Every organisation is different, but DevOps is a universal concept, and it can be applied anywhere. We'll explore some common patterns and approaches, both technical and cultural that can get your organisation started on their own adventure!