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Eduardo Piairo

Eduardo Piairo

Deeper Insights

Session Name: Why and how to include database changes in the deployment pipeline

In the software development process, the database introduces some challenges when we want to articulate with the application development. Although different from applications, databases can and should be included in the same development process. When all database changes can be described with scripts, version control can be applied unlocking continuous integration and continuous delivery capabilities. In this session, I will explore the database challenges of each stage of the deployment pipeline, how to use automation to make de-deployment pipeline repeatable, reliable and fast, reducing the fear around database changes, and identify the different configurations of the deployment pipeline while articulating database and applications.



Speaker Bio:

Eduardo is an Operations Director at Deeper Insights that enjoys building software, pipelines, and communities. He is always ready to learn the path to production using source control, continuous integration and continuous delivery for applications, databases and infrastructure. The deployment pipeline is his favorite technical and cultural tool.