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Dinesh Keswani

Dinesh Keswani


Ask Me Anything Keynote: CI/CD

The 2020 ADDO Keynotes are all about answering your questions. We've gathered some of the world's top experts in Chaos Engineering, DevSecOps, CI/CD, Site Reliability Engineering and FinTech, and asked them to spend an hour with you, answering any questions you might have on the topic.
Questions will be taken in advance, and pulled live from the slack channel during the keynote. If your question is answered live, during the broadcast, we'll send you the original 2020 ADDO T-Shirt the speakers wear. Ask your questions and then join us for the answers.

Speaker Bio

As HSBC's Chief Technology Officer, I lead engineering teams globally, building next generation platforms for our customers, driving transformation toward an digital & engineering-first culture, moving to the cloud and implementing DevOps at scale to support our businesses.
Previously, I led GoDaddy's information technology and engineering teams globally that supported their employees & customers, helping them to become a global SMB eCommerce powerhouse and take them to a successful IPO. Prior to GoDaddy, I lead engineering teams at Microsoft - Office 365 & its precursor - Office Live.