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Dimitar Georgievski

Dimitar Georgievski


Session Name: Perf tests automation with Kubernetes, Taurus and BlazeMeter

As the footprint and complexity of managed infrastructure grows, automating various types of tests to validate it and ensure certain performance and capacity levels of critical services is the natural next step in taming the Cloud with Infra-as-Code automation. Wiley has adopted Kubernetes-as-Service platform based on Rancher to centralize certain concerns, like Kubernetes provisioning, user management, security policies, and monitoring, across the enterprise. At the same time individual teams have the freedom to manage their downstream clusters, users’ roles and responsibilities, and applications. Rancher provides aggregated API servers that run as processes (Pods) in the main so called Seed cluster, and each API instance maps to one downstream cluster to manage it. The presentation will include a live demo of testing Rancher API endpoints using Taurus and BlazeMeter.



Speaker Bio:

Solution Architect with over 20 years of leadership and engineering experience in designing and implementing innovative solutions for complex business problems involving big data, real-time analytics and reporting solutions. Broad knowledge and leadership experience envisioning, designing, and executing technical solutions to business challenges. Solution domains include application development, enterprise integration, cloud infrastructure, on-premises virtualization, devops practices, and big data systems.