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Dimitar Georgievski

Dimitar Georgievski


Session Name: Kubernetes at Wiley - the first year

"Provisioning the first Kubernetes cluster is easy, but adopting it as a platform in the cloud in a global enterprise that tries simultaneously to become agile while migrating to the cloud and making its first steps with containers might be a challenge.

Working with global teams coming from different cultural backgrounds compounds the challenge. This is a journey of patience, empathy, education and transformation where fundamental questions like who owns the infrastructure needed to be answered first before more complex challenges could be tackled - frequent daily deployments, HA Service Meshes on k8s, CI/CD on k8s, Data Analytics on k8s, Monitoring platforms on k8s etc.,

Every organization has a different experience, but Wiley's path could be described as Infra-as-code came first, followed by collaboration over Git workflows, and innovation arriving eventually by empowered individuals and teams."

Speaker Bio:

Solution Architect with over 20 years of leadership and engineering experience in designing and implementing innovative solutions for complex business problems involving big data, real-time analytics and reporting solutions. Broad knowledge and leadership experience envisioning, designing, and executing technical solutions to business challenges. Solution domains include application development, enterprise integration, cloud infrastructure, on-premises virtualization, devops practices, and big data systems.