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Denis Jannot

Denis Jannot


Session Name: WebAssembly made easy

WebAssembly (Wasm) is an open standard that defines a portable binary-code format for executable programs. WebAssembly can run natively in web browsers, but its support in Envoy has gathered a lot of attention recently. Several SDKs are now available to allow people to write their own Envoy Wasm filters in different languages (i.e., AssemblyScript, TinyGO, RUST, etc.). But, how can you then deploy your filters? What tools are available to help you managing the lifecycle of your filters? In this talk, Denis will review how to build an Envoy Wasm filter using one of these SDKs and how to deploy and update filters on an API gateway (for North/South traffic) or on a sidecar proxy in a Service Mesh (for East/West traffic).



Speaker Bio:

Denis is the Director of Field Engineering at Solo.io, a company building application networking solutions for the edge and service mesh. Denis is a passionate engineer who has spent his career in technical roles working directly with customers and users in architecting and adopting technologies like Object Storage, Big Data, Containerization, Service Mesh into their infrastructure. He enjoys sharing what he learns with the community and can be found creating demos, writing blogs, and speaking at events.