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Deepak Vensi

Deepak Vensi


Session Name: Enterprise Cloud Landing Zones: How to build platforms that enable DevEx and Team Topologies

Over the last couple years, a common pattern has emerged when it comes to building cloud platforms at scale: Landing Zones. However, often organizations have approached the build of these platforms as yet another infrastructure project and severely comprised the developer experience due to poor engineering patterns and the lack of a platform team API. Having implemented these platform at scale for some of the world's largest enterprises, in this talk Deepak will share: (1) How to map conways law and team topologies to the core architectural decisions of scalable cloud platforms, (2) How to build for a world class developer experience without compromising on governance or controls, (3) How an enablement function can aid in the consumption for these platforms, and (4) How can modern engineering techniques such as documentation as code, team APIs and self-service help establish a platform engineering discipline.



Speaker Bio:

Deepak is the Director of Strategy & Transformation at Contino, who specializes in working with large regulated enterprises to pave their journey for Digital Enablement and cloud adoption. Experienced across various cloud providers Deepak is known for; helping organizations adopt modern operational and engineering practices like SRE - FinOps - GitOps, developing Cloud Native Products and Services for their customers and building sustainable in-house digital capabilities for long term adoption.