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Deepak Ramchandani

Deepak Ramchandani


Session Name: Driving Digital Transformation Through CloudOps and Site Reliability Engineering

The foundation of the majority of Financial Services transformations is underpinned by ambitious public cloud programmes. But their existing IT operations are geared toward delivering in an on-prem environment.

Large Financial Services organisations face some complex challenges: integrating their legacy IT operations and processes with the new cloud platform - all while keeping the lights on

*So how do you move to the new world while maintaining the controls from the old world?

During this talk, Deepak Vensi (Principal Lead) will explore and share the blueprint on how Contino have built over the years working with a multitude of organisations a brand-new function and framework for cloud operations based on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), a modern approach to cloud operations focused on balancing reliability on the one hand and development on the other across multi-cloud regulated estates.

He will explore:

- How to transition from a traditional ITIL based process organisation to a SRE driven CloudOps function; encapsulating modern and fast paced software development practices

- Creating a modern, effective engineering culture with a sense of purpose and pride with engineering focused OKRs

- Forging a cross-functional SRE team capable of managing a modern cloud platform

- Convincing traditional operations teams that cloud, controls, reliability and continuous release management can go hand in hand

- How to bake quality, security, controls into the whole process with automation

- Innovative upskilling: using Chaos Engineering and Game Days to upskill the teams on SRE principles and ways of working

- On-Boarding experience: working with the People & Talent teams to create an engineering on-boarding experience; providing a path to take a newly on-boarded CloudOps SRE from “zero” to “hero”.

- CloudOps & SRE metrics, measures & practices: including the definition of said metrics, the calculation method to derive these and best practices / recommendations to continuously monitor and measure them.

- Multi-Cloud Landing Zones: Using cloud native services and industry leading tools (Hashicorp’s suite including Terraform & Vault) to provision development teams with secure, scalable environments to build high-quality software and financial products at speed and scale.

Speaker Bio:

Deepak is an Account CTO and Lead at Contino who specialises in working with large regulated enterprises to pave their journey for multi-cloud adoption. Experienced across various Cloud providers Deepak is known for; helping organisations adopt modern operational and engineering practices like SRE - FinOps - GitOps, developing Cloud Native Products and Services for their customers and building sustainable in-house digital capabilities for long term adoption.