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Deepak Goel

Deepak Goel


Session Name: Multi-cluster, or multi-tenancy? Design a Kubernetes strategy that fits your organization.

There is no one-size-fits-all Kubernetes strategy. Today I'll guide you through strategic considerations and approaches that can be customized to fit your organization. These techniques can optimize for savings, reduce risks, facilitate governance, and increase team velocity, regardless of the number and size of your clusters. Whether you're a service provider, an IT operations group, or a leader of independent teams, the right Kubernetes strategy can accelerate your organization.

Speaker Bio:

I am the Chief Technology Officer at D2IQ. I head the Technical Architecture Group that oversees the architecture of all the products at D2iQ.
I have been leading teams in designing products on the Kubernetes platform since 2017. The main focus of these products is to enable
the customers to handle not just day one operations but also day 2 operations such as monitoring, logging, backup & restore, policy, alerting.
I have also led projects on providing a multi-cluster, multi-tenant kubernetes environment. Prior to working in the area of container orchestration
at D2iQ, I have spent over 10+ years in the area of computer networks and security. I have co-authored a number of research papers and
hold a number of patents.